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Millo is all about more foam filled fun for more foam filled relaxation. This is a different perspective, where to them, it's what’s on the inside really matters.

Millo believes in loveable, changeable, adaptable lounging that moves with your life and fits in with your style of relaxation.

A kind of Foamsense that is incredibly comfortable and beautifully sustainable. They love this foam so much that they will take it back when you're done with it. It’s what they call conscious comfort. 

We are Foamtastic in every way. Full of amazing, magical offcuts. Made for people who love that unique ‘sinking in’ feeling… That comfortable foamy cuddle that melts you away into relax mode.

Melt into a Millo 

10 products
  • Millo Duo - Foam-filled lounger
  • Millo Duo Cover
  • Millo Solo Deluxe - Foam-filled lounger
  • Millo Solo Deluxe Cover
  • Millo Solo - Foam-filled lounger
  • Millo Solo Cover
  • Millo Pebble - Foam-filled lounger
  • Millo Pebble Cover
  • Millo Footstool
  • Millo Cushion